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General Dentistry

Root Canals

  • A root canal is a treatment that is done by removing the pulp and nerve from the inside of the tooth, with specialized instruments and small hand files, followed by a rubber filling material placed inside the roots and crown of the tooth.
  • A root canal is necessary when the pulp of the soft tissue inside your tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The inflammation or infection can be caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a crack or large chip.
  • A root canal treatment may also be required when tooth decay progresses to the nerve of your tooth or the nerve becomes exposed to the external environment. During the procedure all the bacteria inside the tooth is removed and then sealed. Although the nerve is completely removed during the procedure, the root canal treatment allows the tooth to remain intact and functional. The tooth will then be effectively “dead” after your treatment, but the function of the tooth remains in tact for many years. It is often recommended that you have a crown fabricated for the tooth to ensure that it is strong and sealed completely.


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